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Holaaaa To All,

I have been really busy in past few months. Also, i was so distracted with all social media. Anyways today i am here and writing this blog i will try and post twice a month atleast. So, i have done a try on haul on my youtube channel few days back. I thought of sharing 1 outfit here as well.

I have click these images on my terrace by my sister. I am wearing this super cute blue top from and jeans are so comfortable and it is by dressberry i got them from Myntra and my footwear is from relaxo Mary Jane Collection. Come Lets See the pictures .

I really hope you guys are liking my fashion sense. If yes then follow me and share this with your famly and friendssss


Lots Of Love
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Touch Of Luxe From Sarojni Nagar ( Cheapest Party Dress From Sarojni )


I have been so under the weather now a days as due to cold. Toady i am not gonna share any review on my blog but from now i will try and post 1outfit post every week and videos on alternate days on my channel. I Hope i will be able to keep my promise. Recently i have been to Sarojni Nagar. Which is a heaven for fashion lovers. So, i picked a velvet dress in Purpley Plum color gown. I have been obessed with this dress. I got is only in Rs 300. Dealer Quoted for Rs 600 but after bargain i got it in Rs 300. Which is a Steel. Lets talk about the quality its is very high quality. Trust me you guys.

I team it up with necklace from streetshopping and bag is also from Sarojni Nagar In Rs 500. I fell in love with this in first sight. Its a blush nude color & very pretty.   My Heels are INTOTO and i bought it from Koovs In sale. I am Not Sure about the price.

Also i wore the sunglasses from Sarojni Nagar. Here is…

Cheapest Eyebrow Product (Durgstore) Maybelline Eye Brow Pencil Review

Hii All ,

Today's post is all about my favorite makeup Product and i never skip that part on my daily basis. Most of you might have guessed it !!!  Yes i am going to talk about the Eyebrows and Cheapest Eye Brow Products available in Indian Market from Durgstore. 

I know now most of the people will say we have missclaire , ADS, MeNow Etc. However, I am Going  to talk  about a trusted brand and that is easily available for everyone and affordable too. 

Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Cream PencilClick Here To Buy
This name says cream pencil but lemme clear it that it is not at all that creamy as it is perfect in texture for brows as per my preference. I like my brow product to be waxy not creamy. They can easily move from their place. So , i prefer waxy brow product and this pencil is perfect for everyone as per my opinion. 
Its Comes as a normal pencil with a color coded end & a transparent cap. The only drawback we have to sharp this pencil with normal sharpener. If feel it tend…

Winter Care !! Cheapest Hand Cream In India !!

Holaaa My Angels,

Today's Post is All About taking Care Of Your Hands !! Yesss you all guessed it right. I going to talk about the cheapest hand cream available in India.

Its from the house of Himalaya Herbals. It retails for Rs 160 and you can easily get in local market or online. I got mine from or you can get this from You will get 100 ML Quantity. Which according to me is quiet alot as compare to other hand creams. In Rs 300 you get 30ML product and here you are getting 100ML. 

It says Age Defying Hand Cream which repairs and protect your youthful hands in winters. I believe hand cream is necessary in winters and summers. As your face , hairs & body need care same as your hands. It very Affordable and easily available in Indian market.

There are three main ingredient in it , Cocoa Butter : rehydrayes and soothes the skin. Rosemyrtle helps in improving skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Spiked Ginger Lily : help protect ski…

Fuschia charcoal scrub review

Hola Angels !!!!

Wish You All A Very Happy Christmas & New Year !!!

Today I am gonna talk about my recent discoveries which is by Fuschia the Charcoal Scrub. The More I talked About is less.

So, Few days Back they Sent me their few product and i am a scrub junkie. I Love to Try out new scrubs and the charcoal one is my recent Favorite.

I Got the Product :

You can Go Ahead and buy it your self. If you wanted to explore more. Do Checkout the link mentioned below.


I got the delux sample size product and i just love the size as well. It retails for Rs 75. Which is very Affordable.

This product can be used as a body and face scrub. I have used it and i can share my review on this product in first use. That this product is very very Good and gentle on your skin. It says Detoxifying Scrub. Yes it is and you can feel it when your dirt and gunk is coming out from your skin…

Dhinchik Pooja In Big Boss My Reaction !! Sunday Vlog Shoe Closet Cleaning.

LOreal Extraordinary Clay Shampoo & Conditioner Review.

LOreal Extraordinary Clay Shampoo & Conditioner Review. Hi everyone,
Welcome back to my blog again,
Here is my review on newly launched LOreal  Extraordinary Clay Shampoo & Conditioner for you all. Clay is very trending now a days for skin care. And clay shampoo is very nice concept and i have used it very first time.
Before proceeding for this blog review. I would request you to follow this blog and if you like it than share it will your family and friends.
Let's talk about this product it is basically a 3 step process. It comes with a blue liquid serum or liquid dry shampoo thingi which calms your scalp down and make them oil free. ( I have not used it till now . it is as per the reviews and products details i have checked on internet)

Now shampoo and Conditioner . It comes in a usual Loreal packaging but now the theme is blue and pink. Which i feel is very catchy from far as such a bright colors. I have bought the smallest packaging because i don't like wasting products o…